These are photographs taken during my travels, moments that caught my eye. Some are landforms, others water related, many nature's patterns that magnetically attract me. This is a small sampling of what I respond to, what I love, what I come away with. I think of these patterns as earth's recorded memory, of its changes and repetitions. And echos of our ancestors, whose presence I often feel.

Directly or obliquely, these patterns, colors and compositions find their way into my paintings. This is what I get lost in, and where at times I find myself. I am reminded often of Bill Irwin's wonderful interviews with Lawrence Weschler compiled into a book whose title says it all: Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees.

    A special thank you to Al Curran, my geology advisor at Smith College, and his wonderful wife, Jane, as well as the fabulous friends who run the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador, Bahamas, for the opportunity to make art on that gorgeous island.