The Hanging Scrolls are vertically composed in the traditional Chinese format. The images therein are taken from my paintings and photographs. Layered and sometimes superimposed upon eachother, they form visual poems. And like poems, their meaning mean different things to different viewers. Myths, legend, nature, the human imprint and impact on our world (past to present), beauty, emotion—all weave in and out of the Scrolls.

I enjoy the challenge of marrying photographs with handmade painting details in such a way as to emerge with a convincing union with a cohesive story. The cohesion is strengthened by balancing of color, pattern, repetition, space both literal and compostional, invented language/calligraphy, varnish choice—the list is long. The process is both playful and meticulous and the journey of making them explorational and surprising. DanceKumbaliMissa SolemnisL'atterrissageSilk RoadTritonChetakSilk Road IIMorríganSemper Augustus, 1637MaskSnow BarnsPar AvionHephaestusToy TheatreverteCommanderyA Thousand and One Nights